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SPURS WIN LOTTERY (Victor Wenbamyana): A strategic move by the NBA

Victor Wenbamyana celebrates
Victor Wenbamyana

We breakdown why the San Antonio Spurs win the draft lottery and get the first overall pick Victor Wenbamyana. If you know anything about business you know that running a business involves a lot of upfront planning. Planning that allows the business to grow and continue to be successful. You have to be able to forecast trends and make decisions based on what the numbers are showing you. The NBA (the business known as the NBA), is no exception. We (The Hooplife Brand) posted on Instagram about 5 hours prior to the NBA Lottery, noting that the Spurs were "up next to get @Wemby":

Victor Wenbamyana posts on Instagram by @thehooplifebrand
Victor Wenbamyana

Prior to the post we had an internal conversation amongst the team that involved us breaking down which team would most likely win the top pick versus others. We narrowed it down to the two most likely teams to get the number one pick which were The Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs. Here's our assessment:

  1. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a business / a brand. A brand that encompasses 30 teams (franchises). This independent entities are property of the NBA and function as their own "brands" sort of speak, but are all under the NBA umbrella. The NBA will do whatever is necessary to ensure that their individual teams (franchises / brands) are successful. With that in mind....

  2. The Detroit Pistons is a team / brand under the NBA umbrella. It is a "franchise" and "business" under the parent company that is the NBA. The NBA profits from the success of the Detroit Pistons overall success and any of it's teams / "brands" for that matter. If Victor Wembamyana were to play in Detroit, it could boost the Detroit economy. The problem is Detroit ranks #2 on America's most dangerous city list. The NBA will not allow a generational talent like Wembamyana to play in Detroit. Ticket sales won't support his presence and again, Detroit is too dangerous

  3. In similar fashion, the same can be said about the city of San Antonio. The arrival of Victor Wembamyana could not only boost San Antonio's economy but also give Spurs fans some hope. A fan base that literally loves their San Antonio Spurs and can't let go of the glory days of Tony, Tim and Manu.

  4. It would be best for the NBA if the Spurs got the overall first pick / Wembamyana. Combined with the fact that San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United States, Spurs fans are some of the most loyal in the NBA. The NBA is very aware of this. This is why the NBA made sure that the Spurs got the number one pick instead of the Detroit Pistons.

  5. No other team in the NBA "needs" a pick like Victor Wenbamyana from a "BUSINESS" and "BRAND" perspective than the San Antonio Spurs. The NBA in investing in one it's brands under the NBA umbrella that is the San Antonio Spurs. Without going into too much more detail, we leave you with #6.

  6. Notice that all draft picks were revealed from a pre-sealed envelope. No lottery balls, nothing random about it. Again, the picks were individually wrapped and revealed one-by-one in pre-sealed envelopes revealing the Spurs as the #1 pick to get Victor Wenbamyana. This is not random. This was not a lottery. This was handpicked by the NBA to continue to grow and maintain its brand presence in key markets across the United States. The Spurs are back on the map and it will help renew the NBA's brand presence in the Alamo City. This was a strategic move by the NBA. It's all fun and games until somebody starts running a business.

  7. Did we mention that Victor Wenbamyana is from France. Do you remember a guy by the name of Tony Parker who played for the Spurs... the connection, the stories to come, etc... all in the name of growing, building and maintaining the business and brand that is the NBA.



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